Maintenance, repair and restoration

All instruments require service regularly.

Let us restore the tone of your instrument – or even improve it from the original! Parts like frets which wear out with time should be dressed or replaced. When your instrument has received too many knocks, don’t worry – even really badly-damaged instruments can be restored. Or if you want, we also can return the original looks. In the most challenging cases don’t be surprised for the working hours needed; in all cases, look after your prestigious instrument.


Wooden instruments are sensitive to air humidity – or actually to dryness. The proper level of humidity is dependent on the country of origin, but a good compromise is 40% – 60%. Keep them away from radiators and out of direct sunlight.  If you are not able to adjust the humidity level you can always keep the instrument in its case with a humidifier. Please ask us for detailed instructions.


Typical room-temperature in homes (20-25C) is suitable for wooden instruments. Both proximity to radiators and exposure to direct sunlight are extremely harmful to stringed instruments. Quick changes in temperature are harmful to the finish and can even cause cracks. Many travelling musicians have bitterly experienced this. If the instrument has cooled down e.g. in a car container, keep it in its case as long as possible and let it warm up slowly. It’s worth it!

Let the expert help!

If there is a crack in the guitar caused by dryness, do not try to repair it yourself with “EriKeeper” glue. This will often cause more work for the repairman. When damage occurs, remember to loosen the string tension and you may reduce repair hours and save money.

Service Price List

Service price list is shown in the table below. In connection with the service we prefer to renew the strings. With new strings it is easier to adjust the intonation precisely and to locate possible buzz.  Service prices exclude price of the new strings. You may bring with you set of your favourite strings or buy from us. Adjustment includes cleaning and oiling the fingerboard, checking string heights, adjusting truss rod and intonation. We also check the string slots of the nut. All services include adjusting the instrument to the best possible condition.

Repair Price List Including VAT 24 %
Set-up from 95 €
Fret levelling 152 €
Fret change from 310 €
Nut (bone) from 100 €
Saddle from 100 €
Other work 76 €/h